The latest single from Ben Chandler, “Stoned” was released last month and is another sample of his forthcoming EP, ‘Transitions’. The track follows up “Red Line,” “Addicted 2 U,” and “Strawberry Candy” that were released late last year. The two aforementioned tracks were inspired by both past and current personal relationships and highlight Chandler’s growth as an artist. “I’ve learned you don’t have to impress other people,” Chandler stated, “I make the best music when I’m having fun. That goes for everything. If I had a message, it would be to be yourself no matter what and just enjoy it.” Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Chandler learned how to play guitar at 12-years-old from his father, who’s a major fan of The Grateful Dead. He would move with his family to Naples, FL prior to his senior year of high school and getting immersed in the local music scene. It was during this time that he became friends with Dominic Fike and his brother ALX and others in the music community. Inspired by watching Dominic at a sold out Miami show in 2018, Chandler was motivated to focus on music as a career for himself, stating, “To me, it was just my friend on stage, but when I looked at the crowd, these people were in love. That night, I posted on Instagram, ‘Yo, I’m going to drop a song next week’. I didn’t have one ready. I forced myself, and it clicked.” He released “With U” shortly thereafter and eventually, his independent self-titled EP. Last year, he released ‘Sweet Dreams, Sweet Heart’, an EP that was written and recorded during the first three weeks of lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ben Chandler spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar about writing his latest material, his early experiences when finding his place in the Naples music scene and more.