French-Korean American alt-pop artist spill tab released her impressive four-track debut EP “Oatmilk” in December of 2020. “Oatmilk” incorporates some of the best elements of the bedroom pop movement with the addition of rich production, heartfelt confessional lyrics, and a unique voice. spill tab (born Claire Chicha) sings in English and French on the record, and showcases her ability to craft catchy, interesting pop songs that share a poignant perspective. On “Name” she tackles the experience of a painful breakup, saying, “The idea of giving back a first name is a reference to all the little endearing nicknames you give to someone you’re dating in exchange for their real name, and when the relationship ends you basically have to trade those back in for their first name. So being the one to give back his first name basically means being the one to call it quits.” spill tab moved around as youth with her family, having been born in Thailand, moving to Los Angeles, then Paris and back to Los Angeles. Attending French school in LA helped her to retain the language of her father’s side of the family. “My grandma was a French teacher there, my grandpa ran the library so I was definitely submerged.” she continued, “I grew up with all the phonetics of French and English, which is so helpful now. When I go to France, people say I don’t really have an American accent, which is fire.”

spill tab is already showing her prowess as a pop songwriter, and we can’t wait to hear her future projects. We sat down to talk to her more about the making of “Oatmilk” and to get to know the artist and plant mom.