Within a span of a year during the pandemic, rising artist Isaac Dunbar released his third EP ‘evil twin’, in which Dunbar further expands his sonic palette. He says, “evil twin is a display of my current state of mind in regards to my artistry and ego. a part of me wants to make the experimental music I love to listen to, and the other half of me loves the pop music; so I had my evil twin sing the experimental records and I sang the pop records.” As he described, Dunbar’s “evil twin” dominates the first half of the record, with roaring vocal effects and his venture into more industrial sounds on tracks like “pink party” and “rendezvous”. The track “intimate moments” marks a shift on ‘evil twin’, where Dunbar reveals a more confessional, raw form, creating dreamy pop ballads that express a mature vulnerability. Dunbar had a taste of sharing his music live, having opened for girl in red for a handful of shows early last year prior to the pause in touring. The 17-year-old stated, “It was quite jarring, almost traumatic, not like really bad traumatic but it was just something I had to adapt to just like everybody else did. The way that I manage those feelings was by doing livestreams and talking to people that listen to my music and making up for the fact that I can’t see their face. It’s really hard. Even though I get to do it through Instagram Live, it’s not the same at all.” Dunbar has more music planned for 2021 in the form of another compilation of new material.

Isaac Dunbar spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar to talk about the making of ‘evil twin’, how he’s handling his senior year of high school with virtual classes, his plans for when he turns 18 and more.

Isaac Dunbar Talks 'evil twin' , Gaining a Better Sense of Self, Turning 18

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