With so much new music coming out every week, it can be hard to know what to listen to first. Every week, we highlight some of our favorite tracks to kick off your weekend. The best way to keep up with our selections is by following our ‘New Music On-Repeat’ playlist on Spotify. This week’s picks include tracks from Ashe, Japanese Breakfast, Ritt Momney, and more!

1. Luz – “counting houses”
Rising Irish artist Luz just released her new single “counting houses”, a self-assured, uplifting pop track that showcases her burgeoning talent. “counting houses” is the fourth single Luz has released, with previous tracks “we’ll be fine,” “i’m lonely” and “the author,” being released in 2020 after Luz was given the time to dive into recording during lockdown. Luz’s voice is really the highlight of this track. She has the ability to balance earnest emotion with her breathy, soft vocals and clarity, never losing power even when she dives into the softer side of her delivery

2. Olivia O’Brien – “Sociopath”
When Olivia O’Brien first released her hit song “hate u love u”, her command of pop music was immediately apparent. As her career has developed, O’Brien has continued to hone this ability. Her latest single “Sociopath” is a chaotic pop banger that employs a horror aesthetic as a metaphor for a toxic relationship. The main area in which we’ve seen O’Brien evolve sonically is in her vocal delivery. On this track, she is so expressive and engaging, making the track vivid and enthralling.

Olivia O'Brien - Sociopath (Official Video)

3. Ritt Momney – “Set the Table” ft. Claud
When we saw two of our favorite bedroom pop artist were collaborating on this track, we knew we were in for a treat. Instead of the twinkly 2000s-esque aesthetic many bedroom pop artists have leaned into, Claud and Ritt Momney give us all of the dazzling sweet decadence of the genre with an added edge from the crunchy elevated guitar riff reminiscent of The Strokes. These two artists’ sounds are a match made in heaven, producing a boppy, effortlessly cool track to soundtrack your spring.

Ritt Momney, Claud - Set The Table (Official Audio)

4. Years & Years – “Starstruck”
“Starstruck” is the first new taste of music since Years & Years beloved 2018 record ‘Polo Santo’. This release also came with the announcement that going forward on Years & Years will be the solo project of front man Olly Alexander. That being said, Alexander’s goal is definitely to get us dancing. This track infuses elements of dance, funk, and pop to create an utterly jubilant, grooving song that is sure to get you moving.

Years & Years - Starstruck (Official Audio)

5. Majid Jordan – “Waves of Blue”
Majid Jordan is back! Their new song “Waves of Blue” is the first single the duo has released since 2019. Even though they haven’t released new music in a while, Majid Jordan is stronger than ever. This song has the R&B smoothness smoothness their known for, with a wavy groove that hooks you into the vibe of the song. The adlibs in this track work so well, feeling like a personal hype man amidst the luxurious instrumentals.

Majid Jordan - Waves of Blue (Official Visualizer)

6. Japanese Breakfast – “Posing in Bondage”
Gearing up for the release of her new album ‘Jubilee’ in June, Japanese Breakfast is giving fans exactly what they need to hold them over until the completed project is released. She dropped “Be Sweet” in March, a track which demonstrated the imminent shift in her sound. Japanese Breakfast has said that this new album will be her most joyful record to date, largely due to how her grief for the loss of her mother has evolved. This new track “Posing in Bondage” isn’t as sunny as “Be Sweet”, with its eerie, echoing swell and ambient effects, but definitely shows the experimentation Japanese Breakfast has been practicing. This track is as much R&B as it is pop, with a silky smooth, epic industrial feel.

Japanese Breakfast - Posing In Bondage (Official Video)

7. Wallice – “Hey Michael”
Los Angeles lo-fi pop singer songwriter Wallice has shared another single from her upcoming EP ‘Off the Rails’. “‘Hey Michael’ is a revenge anthem for anyone who has encountered a gaslighting, manipulative person,” says Wallice, “This isn’t a man-hating song, it’s just something many people can relate to”. The cathartic lyrics of this song are balanced by a rumbling indie rock beat reminiscent of a mix of Cigarettes After Sex and Peach Pit. Definitely check this track out if you love new bedroom pop artists like Claud, spill tab, or KALI.

Wallice - Hey Michael - Official Music Video

8. Ashe – “I’m Fine”
We’ve been fans of Ashe for quite a while now, falling in love with her 2019 EP ‘Moral of the Story’. This has already been a big year for Ashe, collaborating with longtime friend and acclaimed producer FINNEAS on the hit “Til Forever Falls Apart”. This new song “I’m Fine” is an exceptionally written and produced pop song. Ashe is able to create tension and resolution throughout the song in a way that keeps you absolutely entranced. The chorus of this track is absolutely delightful, with a jazzy feel that balances the lyrical verses. We cannot wait to hear her forthcoming album!

Ashe - I'm Fine (Official Audio)

9. Holly Humberstone – “Haunted House”
On “Haunted House” Holly Humberstone explores themes of family, childhood, and grief by revisiting her childhood home. The English singer-songwriter’s sweet, soft voice elevates this discussion of family and loss to new emotional heights. The beginning of the track is stark, with Humberstone’s whispered lyrics framed by a lonely grand piano. But by the final chorus, the song swells to an opulent crescendo that is sure to bring a tear to your eye. This is such a touching song, and we can’t wait to hear what Humberstone will deliver with her imminent sophomore EP.

Holly Humberstone - Haunted House (Official Video)

10. oogie – “Try”
South-London native oogie has announced his debut project ‘Somehow Makes Sense’ is coming April 30th with the release of the project’s first single “Try”. This track has an immaculate groove, with oogie’s buttery vocals shining amidst the chill bopping hip hop beat. If you like artists like Noname or Smino, this track will be your latest obsession.