At the young age of 7 years old, Max Leone picked up a guitar for the first time. From there, he began learning violin, drums, and piano, building an instrumental foundation that has carried into his career. As he grew up, Leone began composing his own pieces and teaching himself music production, posting remixes on SoundCloud. After briefly attending Berklee College of Music, he relocated to LA to pursue music, signing with Darkroom records.
Leone has received lots of praise from fans and media alike as he released singles in 2020 and has finally put out his debut EP ‘Malleable’. The rising artist has been heralded as an anti-pop prodigy, and after listening to this new EP, it’s clear to see why. Leone blends the most contemporary threads of pop music to create songs that are fresh and inspired. Whether it’s a bedroom pop-esque ukulele riff in “Malleable”, or indie surf feel of songs like “The Beach”, Max Leone manages to make songs that are instantly gripping while maintaining a fresh perspective and sonic landscape.
Leone sat down with BSides host Pete Mar to talk about the making of the new EP, the influences of his parent’s music taste, and even face off for the longest ‘Sheesh’.