Mehro is a rising Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, who just released his debut project ‘SKY IS ON FIRE’. Mehro has been gaining traction with the help of his string of viral hits like “perfume” and “lightning”. With over 3.3 million views between his music videos, Mehro has the makings of the next alt-pop star. Despite releasing his first single just before the pandemic, the young artist has endeared millions of fans with his honest songwriting and emotive voice.
Inspired by some of the greatest artists of our time such as Frank Ocean and Phoebe Bridgers, Mehro’s music demonstrates his command of tone and lyricism. He’s had some great mentors thus far, touring with electro-pop artist Elohim and growing up in the center of the music industry. As he expands his catalogue, Mehro taps into a deeper emotional core than ever before.
Mehro sat down with B-Sides host Pete Mar to talk about the making of ‘SKY IS ON FIRE’ and more.