With so much new music coming out every week, it can be hard to know what to listen to first. Every week, we highlight some of our favorite tracks to kick off your weekend. The best way to keep up with our selections is by following our ‘New Music On-Repeat’ playlist on Spotify. This week’s picks include tracks from Isaiah Rashad, Dayglow, WRENN, and more!

1. Gracie Abrams – “Mess It Up”
This new song from rising singer-songwriter Gracie Abrams is a breakup song in the truest sense of the genre. Abrams’ raw, unflinching lyrics in this ballad aim at the heart of the feelings of abandonment and shame that comes from losing a relationship. The instrumentals on this song are understated. There’s a muted guitar strumming that feels like it’s building towards some cathartic crescendo, and though we don’t get that instrumental payoff, the emotional core and lyricism hold the song together.

Gracie Abrams - Mess It Up (Official Video)

2. KennyHoopla – “hollywood sucks//” ft. Travis Barker
Kenny Hoopla’s 2020 EP ‘how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway//’ garnered him a lot of attention for his seamless blending of trap, emo, and dance music. Continuing his resurrection of that nostalgic emo/pop-punk sound, he has collaborated with the iconic Travis Barker of Blink-182 to create this anti-Hollywood anthem. The pair tackle fame, conceit, and vanity in the city of Angels with the rebellious spirit and raucous energy of the height of the pop-punk genre.

KennyHoopla - hollywood sucks// (Official Video)

3. Joywave – “Every Window Is A Mirror”
Rochester indie-rock band Joywave just released the first single “Every Window Is A Mirror” from their upcoming EP of the same name. The EP is slated for release June 25th and is comprised of a collection of songs written in frontman Daniel Armbruster’s “Joycave”, aka his home studio, during the pandemic. This song is remarkably jubilant, with an irresistible feel-good energy. My only complaint is the phone ringtone in the background, which distracts from the sunny feel of the song by causing a second of panic as I wonder, ‘is that me?’ But besides that minor detail, this song is a perfect addition to a summer playlist!

Joywave - Every Window Is A Mirror (Lyric Video)

4. WRENN – “Your Friends Like Me Better”
Here at BSides we are big fans of rising singer-songwriter WRENN. You may be familiar with her viral song “Hailey”, but her talent doesn’t end there. This new song is bitter in the sweetest way as WRENN promises her ex that “Your Friends Like Me Better”. The melody on this track is addicting, and demonstrates WRENN’s nearly psychic knowledge of how to craft a perfect hook.

Your Friends Like Me Better

5. REI AMI – “F.R.A.”
Korean-born pop singer REI AMI has just released an electric new single. Opening with an angry voicemail from a presumably ex-boyfriend, this song is REI AMI’s love letter to herself. The femme fatale energy is palpable and powerful on this track, with heavy-hitting production that even delves into hyper-pop. If you need a pick-me-up, this track might just be the perfect remedy.

REI AMI - F.R.A. (Official Video)

6. Jayla Kai – “I Can’t Lie”
This is the first single from 18-year-old Jayla Kai, whose debut EP comes out this summer. This is an extremely promising first single. The laid-back instrumentation has a Southern rock tinge, but then there’s an amazing payoff in the second chorus as twinkling synths come in. The fascinating blend of these sounds and Kai’s crystal clear voice only make us more excited to hear other material from her.

Jayla Kai - I Can't Lie (Official Video)

7. Lil Simz – “Woman” ft. Cleo Sol
This is the second single Lil Simz has released off her upcoming album ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’ (out September 3rd). Simz celebrates womanhood as she takes us through her buttery flow and silky rhythms. The music video for this track is truly opulent, and adds to the aesthetic of the already vibey empowering song.

Little Simz - Woman feat. Cleo Sol (Official Video)

8. Isaiah Rashad – “Lay Wit Ya” ft. Duke Deuce
This is the first new single from rapper Isaiah Rashad since last year’s “Why Worry”. This is a heavy-hitting party trap track featuring Memphis rapper Duke Deuce. Signed to Top Dawg Entertainment, the artist has always been an introspective voice in rap, but this song turns up in a way that is exciting and fresh to see from Rashad. With his third album reportedly coming out this summer, we wonder if he will carry a new energy onto the record.

Isaiah Rashad - Lay Wit Ya ft. Duke Deuce (Official Music Video)

9. Dayglow – “Balcony”
Dayglow, aka Sloan Struble, is releasing his next album ‘Harmony House’ on May 21st. This is the fourth single from the highly anticipated record, following the incredibly successful “Close To You”. This song has a new-age feel to it, with shiny synths and a driving beat. That 80’s vignette creates a layer of nostalgia in the song that makes it feel like an instant summer classic. This track is both danceable and good for easy listening, making it a refreshing, feel-good listen.

Dayglow - Balcony (Official Audio)

10. Inhaler – “Who’s Your Money On? (Plastic House)”
Irish indie rockers Inhaler are releasing their debut album ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’ on July 9th. This is the latest single the band’s released, and it is getting us pumped for their album release. If I could describe the sound of this band, I’d say it’s the lovechild of The Strokes and Talking Heads, embodying that alt-rock rowdiness with the delightful rhythms and synth details of David Byrne. These guys are going places, and I cannot wait to hear the album!

Inhaler - Who's Your Money On? (Plastic House) [Official Audio]