MARINA makes a comeback with single release “Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land”

Pop star sensation Marina Diamandis dropped her newest single, “Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land,” and so far it’s giving off a similar sound like her second album, ‘The Family Jewels.’ Marina is definitely mixing it up so far with the songs she’s released so far such as “Purge the Poison” and “Man’s World” with catchy instrumentals and incredible lead vocals.

Marina’s upcoming fifth studio album, ‘Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land’ is definitely going to remind fans of her earlier music where she heavily focused on upbeat instrumentals, catchy lyrics and harmonizing with background vocals.

While ‘Froot’ and ‘Electra Heart’ were Marina’s most memorable eras, she definitely contributed immensely to the pop genre scene where “Primadonna Girl” from the Electra Heart album was one of her most popular songs with over 100 million views on YouTube.

The “Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land” lyrics video has phenomenal visuals filled with bright and neutral colored effects that transition beautifully when the spotlight is on Marina. The beginning of the instrumental reminds me of the introduction of “Howlin’ for You” by the Black Keys because of the drums and electric guitar riffs.

Although it does give off similarity, Marina also manages to make it one of a kind when it transitions to lyrics, vocals and harmonies that just sound so right. This song definitely also gives off the same vibe as “Mowgli’s Road” which is highly underrated, but also a masterpiece that deserves more recognition.

This era sounds promising, and Marina is here to redeem her pop star title since the ‘Love + Fear’ (2019) era.

Marina’s fifth studio album, ‘Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land’ is available for pre-order, and will be out on June 11.

MARINA - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land (Official Visual)