MOB RICH is the duo of Los Angeles transplants Maxwell Joseph and Connor Pledger, whose soaring alt-pop sound is as much due to their chemistry as it is their musical talent. The two serendipitously met at an open mic in L.A. where they realized they had a unique bond. One of the most endearing things about their music is this brotherly ethos, with nearly every song featuring Joseph and Pledger singing in unison. Many of their songs are born from their conversations with one another, musing on the nature of songwriting, relationships, and vulnerability.

The band just released their debut album Why No Why, which was built from their time composing in quarantine and their collaborative archive. The constant conversation of the duo expands the scope of themes on this record as they dive into family, love, loss, philosophy, politics, and more. They tackle all these issues with a comedic tone and fresh perspective. We are so excited to have them on the show today, where they talk about the making of Why No Why and more!

Mob Rich Talk Seeking Legitimacy With Debut LP 'Why No Why'

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