At the age of eight years old, Genevieve Stokes “hijacked” her older sister’s piano, teaching herself how to play before graduating to taking lessons. “Music became my identity,” she says. “It was something I always loved, but I got really serious about it in high school.” Soon she was performing at open mics and uploading her songs recorded on Garageband to Soundcloud, sharing her transfixing lo-fi piano ballads with her growing audience.
Now, the 19 year old singer songwriter has amassed over 7 million streams independently across all streaming platforms and has just released her debut EP ‘Swimming Lessons’. She sat down with BSides host Pete Mar to talk about the making of the new EP and more!

Genevieve Stokes Talks Musical Journey That Led To Debut EP 'Swimming Lessons'

Genevieve Stokes - Running Away [Official Music Video]