With so much new music coming out every week, it can be hard to know what to listen to first. Every week, we highlight some of our favorite tracks to kick off your weekend. The best way to keep up with our selections is by following our ‘New Music On-Repeat’ playlist on Spotify. This week’s picks include tracks from Griff, Soccer Mommy, Flo Milli, and more!

1. Soccer Mommy – “Kissing In The Rain”

Soccer Mommy - Kissing In The Rain (Dark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack)

Nashville native Soccer Mommy, aka Sophia Regina Allison, is one of the most exquisite songwriters in indie-rock right now. Her sophomore album ‘Color Theory’ was one of our favorite albums of 2020, with its immaculate lyricism and nostalgia-tinged garage rock sound. This new song was released as part of the soundtrack for the new DC comic book Dark Nights: Death Metal. Soccer Mommy can conjure a grunge aesthetic while maintaining a forward-thinking sound. Her wafting voice blends into the instrumentation on this song in a way that instantly draws you in. Even though this track is an addition to a soundtrack, we are hoping to hear more new material from her ASAP!

2. Goldlink – “Raindrops” ft. Flo Milli

GoldLink - Raindrops (Visualizer) ft. Flo Milli

Goldlink has solidified himself as one of the major figures in alt-hip/hop for his command of atmosphere and bouncing, jazzy flows. On this new song “Raindrops”, he’s teamed up with Flo Milli to create a grooving, laid-back track. Flo Milli really elevates the song in her hook. Her voice is really her selling point, with her ability to imbue her vocal performances with such energy and verve.

3. Majid Jordan – “Been Through That”

Majid Jordan - Been Through That (Official Visualizer)

This new song from R&B duo Majid Jordan is a playful, yet straightforward song that blends melodic flows and sun-drenched electronic production. This is the second single from their upcoming album, following “Waves of Blue” released earlier this year. We hope this album will maintain the exceptional quality of these singles.

4. 347aidan – “MEMORIES!”

347aidan - MEMORIES! (Official Music Video)

17-year old Aidan Fuller, aka 347aidan, was first shot into the mainstream when his song “Dancing in my Room” became a viral sound on TikTok in 2020. Currently, “Dancing in my Room” has over 95 million streams on Spotify, and the artist is poised to reach 6 million monthly listeners very soon. Since then, Fuller has maintained that initial momentum of his career, pursuing music full time and releasing a string of singles, the latest being “MEMORIES!”. Fuller’s croaking vocals and lofi emo rap production show how he’s cultivated a signature sound, even at such a young age.

5. Luke Wild – “New Miss America”

This is the first new music we’ve seen from Luke Wild since his 2020 debut EP ‘Sunburn’. Wild has always been musically inclined, learning piano when he was just 5 years old and going on to become an avid participant in gospel bands during his teenage years. His tremendous production experience is evident on this track, with each sonic element coming through perfectly in balance. What begins as a seemingly standard indie rock track evolves as more industrial elements are brought forward. Wild’s vocal delivery is also incredibly rich and interesting.

6. BANKS – “The Devil”

BANKS - BANKS - The Devil (Official Video)

“The Devil” opens with a hushed whisper, an eerie yet intoxicating introduction into the cinematic song. BANKS creates a really cool tension on this track, where instead of breaking into an exalted chorus, we are brought back to that soft chant. Throughout the song, that lack of release keeps the listener on edge, waiting for BANKS to jump out and bite them. It makes for a thrilling listen.

7. Shea Diamond – “Smile”

Shea Diamond - Smile (Official Music Video)

Shea Diamond could not have put out this jubilant, fierce track at a better time. “Smile” celebrates resilience and perseverance, with Diamond declaring, “If I can smile, baby you can too.” The brass band instrumentation and funky bass line in this song create a feeling of ecstasy that is sure to make a great soundtrack for the rest of Pride month.

8. Griff – “Shade of Yellow”

UK pop artist Griff has finally released her highly anticipated debut album ‘One Foot In Front Of The Other’! We have been so excited to finally hear this album, and Griff did not disappoint. “Shade of Yellow” is one of the standout tracks, with Griff’s soulful vocal really taking flight, and with truly exceptional pop production. If you’re a fan of Caroline Polachek or Rina Sawayama, I have no doubts that this will be one of your favorite albums of the year.

9. Yves Tumor – “Jackie”

Yves Tumor - Jackie (Official Video)

I’ve been keeping up with Yves Tumor ever since their exceptional 2020 album ‘Heaven To A Tortured Mind’. Blending R&B, electronica, and just about every genre they can, Yves Tumor’s work feels leaps and bounds ahead of a lot of music right now. The genre-less nature of their catalogue allows them to incorporate some of the most unique sonic elements I’ve ever heard, and never fail to surprise us.

10. Kina – “U Not There” ft. Mark Johns

Kina, Mark Johns, Neenyo - U Not There (Visualizer) ft. Mark Johns

Italian producer Kina is known for his lofi, chilled sound. On this track, he collaborates with Mark Johns to create a haunting, moody atmosphere that is beautiful and easy to digest. Johns’ airy vocals drift across the 808s and soft keys to create a unique feel and quiet comfort.