Norwegian songstress AURORA returns with this new single “Cure For Me”, a bouncy song about radical self-acceptance. “Sometimes I feel like the whole world Is trying to convince you something is wrong with you. And sadly often people believe this to be true. It is very scary how easy it is for someone to convince you that you are wrong. Or that you are overly emotional, too strange, and not good enough. And I think it’s about time we shut those voices out. Because in no way should anyone convince you that you are not worthy because of the way you look, or act, believe in or love. We should be allowed to be human. And we don’t need a cure for it,” she says.

AURORA - Cure For Me (Audio)

Since her debut album ‘All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend’, we’ve been transfixed by her soft, soaring voice. AURORA’s vocal carry a uniquely otherworldly quality, which allows her to build vivid worlds in her music. This new track is a slight departure from her previous story-book sound, venturing into bright, bouncing dance pop. “Cure For Me” really shows her versatility and leaves us wondering if her creativity and innovative spirit know any bounds.

AURORA’s music has received something of a second life after her song “Runaway” went viral on TikTok last year. Instead of an indie fascination, she quickly became a star beloved by the entire world, topping the charts as the song picked up more traction. It seems that resurgence of fans has pushed the singer, songwriter, and producer to continue pushing herself creatively, and we can’t wait to see how her sound will continue to grow!