LISTEN: New Music Roundup 7/16 – Top 10 Tracks

With so much new music coming out every week, it can be hard to know what to listen to first. Every week, we highlight some of our favorite tracks to kick off your weekend. The best way to keep up with our selections is by following our ‘New Music On-Repeat’ playlist on Spotify. This week’s picks include tracks from Swedish House Mafia, Caroline Polacheck, HAIM, and more!

1. Miki Ratsula – “reeboks”

Miki Ratsula - "reeboks" (Official Video)

This new single is from singer-songwriter Miki Ratsula’s upcoming debut album, and proves that they’re an artist you need to keep on your radar. “reeboks” opens with a gentle keyboard; “I wish I could promise you a New York apartment,” sings Ratsula. The vulnerability in this song is palpable lyrically and sonically. “reeboks” at its core is about balancing love and fear, and that balance comes through as we move from tender verses to the opulent chorus.

2. Joy Denalane – “Forever”

Joy Denalane - Forever (Official Video)

Joy Denalane’s goal when making “Forever” was to craft a classic, a song that could be reinterpreted and enjoyed by other artists for years to come. From the first chord, I’m transported back in time, stepping into Motown Hitsville as Denalane’s soulful voice rolls through this stirring track.

3. Miiesha – “Made For Silence”

Miiesha - Made For Silence (Official Music Video)

Aboriginal Australian singer-songwriter Miiesha combines house and R&B flawlessly on “Made For Silence”. The rhythm in her verses instantly grips you, and as the bouncing instrumental builds, you’re sure to find yourself uncontrollably bopping along. The sound of this track is rich yet light, embodying the blissful duality of house.

4. Syd – “Fast Car”

Syd - Fast Car (Official Video)

Syd is one of the most innovative and boundless contemporary musicians I’ve encountered. Best known for her work in Odd Future and her band/collective The Internet, Syd’s sonic prowess deeply extends into her solo work as well. This glowing track infuses elements of 80s synth-pop, juxtaposing Syd’s airy warmth with nostalgia.

5. Peach Tree Rascals – “Popeye” ft. AG Club

Peach Tree Rascals - Popeye with AG Club (Official Audio)

We’ve been huge fans of the alt-pop collective Peach Tree Rascals since their 2020 single “Things Won’t Go My Way” came out last year. This new song, in collaboration with hip-hop collective AG Club, diverges dramatically from Peach Tree Rascals’ discography, trading their sunny alt-pop for carefree hip-hop a la Brockhampton. They pull it off spectacularly though, and I’m excited to see the band venturing into new sonic realms.

6. Grouplove – “You Oughta Know”

Grouplove - You Oughta Know [Official Video]

Of course Grouplove releases an amazing cover of Alanis Morrissette’s “You Oughta Know” AFTER we’ve already counted down our favorite contemporary covers! Grouplove maintain the frenzied, furious energy of Morrissette’s original, while adding more mania beneath the surface with heavy distorted guitar at the forefront and crisp drums that veer into punk territory.

7. Caroline Polachek – “Bunny Is a Rider”

Caroline Polachek - Bunny Is A Rider (Official Audio)

The queen of modern art-pop is back and better than ever with “Bunny is a Rider”. The song opens with a thumping bass line and a distant whistle, as if Polachek is calling us into the woods. The simple percussive verses carry so much energy while maintaining their restraint, transfixing the listener as you wait to see just where she’ll lead us.

8. HAIM – “Cherry Flavored Stomach Ache”

HAIM - Cherry Flavored Stomach Ache (From “The Last Letter From Your Lover” / Lyric Video)

HAIM has been thrust into the stardom this past year with the widespread critical acclaim of their 2020 record “Women In Music Pt. III”. This new song was made for the upcoming Netflix movie ‘The Last Letter from your Lover’ and shows the band’s ability to transform their sound with the drop of a hat. This song centers around propulsive acoustic guitar, with flairs of harmonica and xylophone coming through around every bend. The style on this track is very reminiscent of Paul Simon in its instrumentation, pacing, and energy, and I don’t use that comparison lightly!

9. Soccer Mommy – “rom com 2004”

Soccer Mommy - rom com 2004 (Official Music Video)

“rom com 2004” begins with static, the crunching of an unplugged electric guitar, and Soccer Mommy’s creaking vocals. Suddenly, the haze dissipates, and all the discordance fades away into the apathetic intensity we’ve come to love from Soccer Mommy. By winding in and out of digital chaos and bright catharsis, she teleports us back into our 2000s living rooms, where you can almost see the broken VHS tapes scattered around you.

10. Swedish House Mafia – “It Gets Better”

Swedish House Mafia - It Gets Better (Official Video)

Legendary Swedish dance supergroup is back with this knotted, nightmarish track, blending punk vignettes with the fervor of the European club scene. Swedish House Mafia laid the foundations for the EDM craze of the 2010s, but devastated fans when they broke up at the height of their fame in 2013. Such a comeback comes with enormous pressure, but this track shows that Swedish House Mafia has a fighting chance, and after hearing this single, we don’t think they’ll buckle.