Live music has made a comeback, and it truly felt great to be back to experience in-person with precautions during the Coronavirus pandemic. Caroline Polachek performed at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, California on Aug. 5, 2021 featuring opening acts, Molly Lewis and Alex G. The outdoor amphitheater’s capacity holds up to 5,900 people and had such a lively ambiance filled with supportive and energetic fans.

After not attending any shows since March 13, 2020 it felt so unreal to be surrounded by the live music scene. Health and safety guidelines were highly enforced at the Greek Theatre in order for everyone to have a fun and safe experience. Although masks were optional for vaccinated guests, it was encouraged for those who were unvaccinated to wear theirs. Many in attendance were seen wearing masks and it didn’t inhibit their enthusiasm or cheers.

Alexander Giannascoli, also known by his stage name, (Sandy) Alex G, was an incredible opener for Caroline Polachek. He performed with so much passion and was full of excitement throughout his set his positive energy influenced the audience with sing-alongs, headbanging and dancing throughout the seat sections. “Bobby” was performed live and it gave such a western, Bob Dylan inspired sound while later transitioning towards a rock sound. His genre range was truly unexpected, but they were all creatively crafted so well especially when he played the acoustic guitar and his bandmates played the drums and electric guitars. “Southern Sky” was a song that really stood out to me because of G’s lead vocals and the chorus harmonizing with him giving me a sense of comfort.

Indie pop sensation Caroline Polachek soon took the stage and had the crowd go wild when she finally emerged. As the lights dimmed and the stage lights shined on, the entire venue’s cheers and shouts elicited goosebumps. The beginning of Polachek’s set was enthralling as she gracefully walked onto the stage while singing the first few lyrics of “Pang,” highlighted by the percussion and stage light effects. Her classic, “Hey Big Eyes” was such a calm yet also beautiful song to witness live because of the passionate vocals especially when the verses “Hey big eyes/can you swim down to me?/Hey red star/can you burn down to me?” were sung. When Polachek performed her latest single, “Bunny is a Rider,” she was joined on-stage by newcomer and recent TikTok star bassist Blu De Tiger. For a night in which famous fans like Phoebe Bridgers, Olivia Rodrigo and Haim were seen in attendance, it became even more special when surprise guests Charli XCX and Christine and the Queens were brought out on-stage to perform. “Tears” was absolutely stellar when Charli XCX and Caroline matched each other’s energy by dancing the night away. During “Vita Nuova” the crowd was completely surprised by another special guest to the stage, Christine and the Queens where they both were cheered on and hyped by the crowd during the entire performance. 

Overall, Caroline Polachek beautifully performed various tracks and even surprised her fans with special guests which was absolutely unexpected. This was definitely a one-of-a-kind experience that gave fans a night they won’t soon forget.