Ushering in the first show at one of San Francisco’s iconic venues, the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, Zedd performed to a sold-out crowd that was hyped to be back at live shows. Way before doors opened, the line had already formed and snaked around to the park across the street from the venue. With masks required regardless of Covid vaccinations, the process to get in took longer than expected. It certainly didn’t deter fans’ enthusiasm as they slowly made their way in as DJ Dails and Wolfgang Gartner warmed them up to open the night.

Once Zedd took the stage, an overwhelming surge of cheers and screams kicked in as it was apparent this was the first show for many in the audience since the pandemic shut down live shows in early 2020. From tracks like “Spectrum,” “Find You” and “Starving,” Zedd had the crowd on overdrive right from the start of the set. Dancing, singing and all out partying was in overdrive when Zedd put on “I Want You To Know” and the laser light show for tracks like “Reload” and “Propaganda” was simply captivating. At one point during the set, Zedd noted how much he’d been missing live music and was met with loud cheers in agreement. There were the standbys that Zedd likes to throw in such as the remix of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” “The Legend of Zelda” and “The Middle”. As the night slowly came to a close, “Stay The Night,” “Remedy” and “Clarity” brought out the singalongs while “Adrenaline” closed out an amazing night of euphoria that for a moment, felt like the “good ol’ days”.