Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Orla Gartlund began writing songs at the young age of 14 years old. She would approach local pubs and venues in her hometown hoping to play gigs, but was turned away because she did not meet the minimum age requirement. So Gartland turned to the internet to hone her craft. The day she finished school, she embarked on her first tour, and the rest is history.

Her humble origin story is reflected in the title of her debut album Woman on the Internet. Written during the initial lockdowns in 2020, Gartland takes inspiration from alt-rock, punk, folk, indie, and synth-pop, creating an inventive and insightful collection of songs.

“When I was a few songs into writing the album it became clear that Woman on the Internet is about the chaos of my 20s,” she says. “It’s a different chaos to your late teens, such a different brand of angst. I feel so much more settled and sure of myself now than I was when I was 18 or 19 but I’m still just half the person I’m going to be and to capture that became really important.”

We’re so happy to welcome Orla Gartland to the show today to talk about the making of Woman on the Internet and more!

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