Almost as soon as Dominican-American artist María Isabel released her debut single “The 1” at the beginning of 2020, people were heralding her as the next artist to watch. Growing up in Queens, she was immersed in bilingual pop and R&B, which inspired her initial love for music.

María’s songs often begin as poems, with sprawling emotional imagery and a distinct voice. She often draws upon her relationships, family, Dominican-American heritage, and mental health to create songs that give an intimate portrait into the life of this keen singer-songwriter. Sonically, she expands upon these rich lyrics with luscious R&B instrumentals as she switches between English and Spanish.

Isabel just released her debut EP on Warner Records i hope you’re very unhappy without me, which captures the elements of her sound that make her so unique. This EP really establishes her as a prominent voice in Latinx R&B, and we are so excited to have her on the show today to talk about the making of the new record and more.

Marîa Isabel Talks Musical Journey, New EP

María Isabel - Baby... (Official Music Video)