We’ve missed Jade Bird since we first spoke to her in 2018 when she played her first headline show at The Chapel in San Francisco. She was just about to release her debut album, which has come to represent a beautiful introduction to this sharp songwriter. Weaving poignant narratives about love, heartbreak, and everything in between, Jade Bird solidified herself as one of the strongest new voices in the singer-songwriter world.

Since her debut, she’s undergone some major life changes that have shaped her music profoundly. She moved from the UK to settle in Austin, where she’s formed connections with other musicians that taught her how to make her writing process more holistic and sustainable. She’s travelled around the world, often touring but also merely exploring these new places and soaking up the stories of the people she met along the way. It was from these new experiences and perspectives that her newest album Different Kinds of Light was born, which captures the earnest songwriting we fell in love with on her debut while expanding the scope of her material.

We’re so excited to have Jade Bird on the show today to talk about the making of the record, the big move, and more!

Jade Bird Talks Empathy Driving New Album, Moving to the U.S.

Jade Bird - Different Kinds of Light (Official Video)