Nowadays, there are plenty of hip-hop groups making waves. Between A$AP Mob and Brockhampton, there’s a group for everyone, and part of the magic of these groups is getting to see a group of guys who share a strong bond and love making music together. We become endeared to their friendship, and a big part of what makes the hip-hop group so appealing is the ability to see how those friendship dynamics play out on stage and in the music. Even though there are plenty of these groups, AG Club is one of the most exciting new faces in the scene, who are making exciting, enthralling hip-hop tracks that put their creativity and fun-loving spirit on full display.

These Bay Area natives are so refreshing because they truly put the music first, and it’s music that they believe in. As soon as you listen to an AG Club track, you know they aren’t doing this for clout or fame, they love the music they’re making and they really believe in it. Their swagger is irresistible, and are filled with clever bars and vivacious deliveries.

We caught up with the AG Club boys at Austin City Limits, where they told us about their performance at Austin City Limits 2021, their new album ‘F** Your Expectations’ and more!

AG Club Interview at Austin City Limits 2021