Twenty-one year old Taylor Janzen recently released the new track, “Something Better,” giving a glimpse at new material that could be part of her eagerly anticipated debut album. After the pandemic forced her back to her native Winnipeg, Janzen found inspiration from the local art and reflection of various aspets of her life. “I wrote Something Better about how our childhood experiences shape who we are as adults. Over the past year I’ve learned a lot about nurturing my inner child, hearing them out, making room for them,” Janzen stated. “A lot of the things I struggle with now as an adult are patterns that started from generations before me, wounds that were never healed, born from people who never learned how to heal. This song is about wanting better for myself, tending to my fears and trying to find new healthy ways to exist,” Janzen said. Growing up in a religious household where her family was heavily involved in church, Janzen wasn’t encouraged to speak through her feelings, so she turned to songwriting as an outlet. Her debut EP, “Interpersonal”(2018) was co-produced by Janzen and garnered critical praise. Janzen’s debut album is slated for release some time in 2022.

While on tour with X Ambassadors and scarypoolparty, Taylor Janzen took a moment to speak with B-Sides host Pete Mar about how the art scene in her native Winnipeg influenced her music, how she dealt with the absence of live shows and more.

Taylor Janzen - Something Better