VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Wolf Alice Reflect on Band’s Ten Year Anniversary, Talk ‘Blue Weekend’

The album ‘Blue Weekend,’ by Wolf Alice received much critical acclaim upon its release in June earlier this year and recently, they released the deluxe version that features live versions select songs, known as “The Pool Sessions.” The collection also features a cover of the Alex G song “Bobby” that surprised some fans. Of the cover, lead singer/guitarist Ellie Rowsell explained, “we’re all big fans of Alex G and Joel, Theo and I had gone to a charity event where the people organizing it were big fans of country music. So we tried to learn some covers and I think “Bobby” has a country feel to it, so when we played it there, we were like we should do this again some time.” Almost immediately upon its release, ‘Blue Weekend’ was nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize, making them one of the only artists to be nominated for every single album they’ve released. Upon the album’s release, the band also rolled out a video for every track on the album, which is part of the larger Blue Weekend short film, which was directed by Jordan Hemingway. Rowsell shared that creating videos for songs that weren’t the singles was something band had always wanted to do, “and we like to see videos that tied together but never had the time or collaborators to bring that to fruition until now,” she stated. “Blue Weekend isn’t a concept album but there are a lot of returning concepts and themes and visuals that return and it was nice to draw that out into the visuals.” Guitarist Joff Oddie referenced a story arch of events that “tying into the name of the album that everything could happen over one weekend. So, the idea was why don’t we make everything happen over one weekend.” Having just completed their headlining U.S. tour, the band will be back on the road in early 2022 for a full sold out UK & Ireland tour and continue onto other parts of Europe and Scandinavia. 

Wolf Alice spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar during their San Francisco tour stop to speak about the new album, reflect on ten years together, the live performances and more.

Wolf Alice - Lipstick On The Glass