Emerging Liverpool band Crawlers may have found success when their song “Come Over (Again)” went viral on TikTok but their journey has been four years in the making. Comprised of Holly Minto (vocals), Amy Woodall (guitar), Liv Kettle (bass), and Harry Breen (drums), the young has been honing their skills playing local gigs, releasing a few singles in 2020 prior to their self-titled EP release in late 2021. The EP features songs influenced by a wide range of emotions of struggles from the socio-political events of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement in the song “Statues,” to commentary in societal beauty standards on women in “MONROE”. The band started as a trio while Kettle and Minto were attending LIPA Sixth Form in Liverpool before adding Breen on drums. In speaking of the newfound attention, the band is focused to prove they’re not just a flash-in-the-pan as Woodall stated, “we’ve been a band for four years and we’ve been doing the gigs to three people a night and that kind of thing. We’ve been releasing music for a while, so i think yeah a lot of people have come over and realized, we do work really hard and we really believe in our tracks and our band is just really great that people are finally on board with us.” Crawlers recently signed with Polydor Records and will go on their first tour that includes numerous UK and US dates.

Crawlers recently spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar about their musical journey, the emotions they felt with the success of “Come Over (Again)” and more.

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