Burgeoning pop star Tate McRae has been honing her on-stage presence ever since she started dancing as a six-year-old. Now at eighteen, McRae has numerous singles hit the Billboard Hot 100 and currently performing on her 2022 North American Tour. Her show at The Fillmore in San Francisco was a sold-out affair that saw a crowd show up hours early to get their spot in line to get into the venue. Kicking off her set with “stupid,” the crowd went into a frenzy with numerous phone in the air to record the moment as dancers performed with McRae. Following with “r u ok” and “happy face,” fans were singing along so loudly that McRae couldn’t help but smile as she sang. Including her latest single, “she’s all i wanna be” the McRae kept the set varied with a cover of “Breakeven” (The Script) and ended with her biggest song to date, “you broke me first”. Check out the photos.