VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Myd Says He Is Excited To Tour Again, Talks Debut Album ‘Born A Loser’, Collaboration With JAWNY

With the release of his debut album ‘Born A Loser’, producer/singer/sound engineer/DJ Myd has grown quite a fanbase since his solo start. Myd hails from France and has found solo success, aside from his internationally acclaimed band Club Cheval. Now, with nearly 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, Myd’s solo musical presence is notably growing. With tracks like ‘The Sun’ and ‘Moving Men’, highlighted from his debut album, the Lille native wanted to explore more of his inner thoughts on the debut album. Expanding from his previous singles and EP, reaching “bigger points” on a “bigger canvas”, is key to him. ‘The Sun’, in particular, has been notably gaining more popularity in Europe. This prompted Myd’s decision to re-release the record with JAWNY, citing the desire to add some of the “Indie rock California scene” into the upbeat track. Starting out in the electronic music business as a youngster, Myd describes himself then as a “geek”, sitting on the computer in his makeshift studio in his living room, “synthesizing all day” This became the inspiration for the title of his debut album. Myd notes that making music has become more accessible in the digital age, but anything can be a “tool”, an instrument, and what matters most is mastering it and having something to say through music. Myd is currently on tour, DJ-ing his way into North American ears and hearts.

Myd recently talked about performing live again, the thought process of his debut album ‘Born A Loser’, collaborating with JAWNY and more.