The Band Camino are no newbies to masterfully releasing memorable music and performing for fans, but the pandemic put the trio in a setting they never found themselves in before. Unable to perform live and keeping to themselves, the band members, Jeffery Jordan, Garrison Burgess, and Spencer Stewart, found themselves drenched in songwriting and producing, much to the joy of fans who are now able to hear the new tunes. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2021, after an array of popular singles and well-received EP ‘tryhard’. The Band Camino’s moments of reflection came during the making of the debut album, with some older and some newer songs being featured in it. When thinking back of their formation and beginning of their artistry, the band members point to their mutual appreciation for alternative rock music, such as The 1975’s self-titled 2013 album. The band members exclaim that it’s their similar interests and support for each other’s talents that help them feel intertwined as artists. Communication and compromise, they say, is a key to a flourishing musical group. “It’s been a wild ride watching all three of us get better at each of our individual things that we love doing, and things that we have to work hard on every single day”, Burgess, the drummer, exclaims, “It’s a muscle. Truly strong writing and being a musician is a muscle.”


The Band Camino spoke with us about their self-titled debut album, how their strong friendship amongst each other formed and enabled them to make decision about the band, and more!