Amassing over 260 million streams online for their song “Young”, Vacations has found new life in a song that was written in 2016. The song went viral on TikTok while the band had just released their latest album, ‘Forever in Bloom’ in 2020 and already put out 2018’s ‘Changes’ that garnered international attention. Having just embarked on their first North American tour, band leader and founder, Campbell Burns noted that playing in America to sold out crowds was a pleasant surprise. “I couldn’t even sing some of the verses or choruses because I was smiling too much,” Burns stated, “the response has been just incredible.” Even though “Young” was originally written six years ago, Burns is very appreciative of the exposure it’s gotten, sharing, “I wrote that song when I was twenty and I’m twenty six now. I find it interesting and I find it a lot to take in.” Burns said, “I think it goes to show how powerful music can be.” Even the band’s latest album, ‘Forever in Bloom’ was written in 2019 and with the pause in live shows, Vacations wasn’t able to perform it live until this year. Burns plans on writing new material for the band after the current tour.

Campbell Burns of Vacations talks about how grateful he is that the band’s six year old song “Young” going viral has helped them grow their fanbase, provided more exposure to their older music, selling out their current tour and more.

Vacations - Young (Official Music Video)