VIDEO: INTERVIEW – The Aces at Bonnaroo 2022

It’s been two years since The Aces released their sophomore album, ‘Under My Influence’, but only recently as late 2021 did they have a chance to perform the material live during a headlining fall tour. Fast forward to mid-2022, and the quartet from Orem, UT has been focused on creating new music, performed a handful of Pride events in June, are slated to open for Why Don’t We throughout the summer and were a surprise fill-in performer at this year’s Bonnaroo. They’re also ready for the next era of The Aces, and if their latest single, “Girls Make Me Wanna Die” provides any clues, it will be very queer and authentic. Three of the members, sisters Cristal and Alisa Ramirez and guitarist Katie Henderson have come out as gay, while childhood friend McKenna Petty has been a strong ally of the LGBTQIA+ community. Sonically, “Girls Make Me Wanna Die” is raw and showcases the band as they started as a four-piece that’s more “back to basics”. Cristal stated, “we’re definitely headed toward a more simplified approach, back to our roots of who we are as a band, which was in a basement together, writing songs together.” The Aces plan to release more new music throughout the year as they spend much of it on the road.

The Aces - Girls Make Me Wanna Die (Official Music Video)