VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Isabel LaRosa Says Visuals From Movies + TV Shows Help Shape The Sonics of Her Music, Talks Debut EP

Posting just a clip of her song “HAUNTED” on TikTok sent Isabel LaRosa’s profile take off earlier this year. Unfinished, LaRosa and her brother Thomas LaRosa, whom she collaborates with, went on to finish the song that would eventually gain over seven million streams and continues to grow. The track, about leaving a toxic relationship or friendship, is part of a sonic and visual trilogy, where her second single, “HELP” that attempts to describe what it’s like to give to everyone around and never get anything in return. The recently released “HEAVEN” is the final song of the trilogy and make up the Maryland native’s debut EP, ‘I’m Watching You’, that came out on June 24th. The videos comprise a short film which LaRosa describes,
“The videos follow a girl walking home alone at night initially unaware of being closely pursued by an unknown figure,” shares LaRosa. “The visuals for the trilogy were inspired by my love of horror and suspense films, specifically Stranger Things and the short films Lights Out and FryDay.” LaRosa grew up around music as her father is a jazz musician and regularly took her to the jazz clubs where he played the saxophone while her brother played guitar. LaRosa has more music prepared for release later this year.

Isabel LaRosa speaks with B-Sides host Pete Mar about her musical journey, living in New York City, how the visuals from movies + TV shows help shape the sounds of her songs, her debut EP ‘I’m Watching You’ and more.

Isabel LaRosa - HAUNTED ((Official Video) Part 1)

Isabel LaRosa - i'm watching you (Official Short Film)