Just a few years removed from high school, The Backseat Lovers have toured throughout North America many times and have steadily grown in popularity. On the strength of the initial viral success of “Kilby Girl,” the Utah-based band gained more attention through terrestrial radio airplay. The song comes from their debut album, ‘When We Were Friends’ that was released in 2019 and has gone onto help the band’s music cumatively garner over 55 million streams. The band has been in the process of recording new material for the follow-up, as lead singer/songwriter Joshua Harman stated, “it’s been a formative three years and the songs that are on this album and albums after it are just us trying to understand our feelings of where we are in our lives with growing up and leaving your parents’ house for the first time.” Comprised of Harmon, Jonas Swanson, KJ Ward and Juice Welch, The Backseat Lovers released their live album, ‘Live from the Troubadour’ from their 2021 show at the legendary venue.

The Backseat Lovers speak with B-Sides host Pete Mar about playing Bonnaroo 2022, their upcoming new music that reflects growing up and leaving home, opening for Jack White and more.

The Backseat Lovers - Kilby Girl (Official Video) Live