VIDEO: The ‘Stranger Things Experience’ San Francisco Delivers Fun & Impressive Throwback Experience

The Stranger Things phenomena is taken to another level with an immersive experience with The Stranger Things Experience. Only three cities, New York City, London and San Francisco have been selected to showcase the event and experience. The interactive portion included a trip to the Hawkins Laboratory where attendees can interact with characters from the show and includes an awesome 3D experience during the climax of the experience that is very entertaining.

As the show is set in the 1980s in the area dubbed ‘The Mix-Tape’, nostalgia is everywhere with the arcade games, the music playlist that accompanies the experience while snacking on pizza or ice cream at the show’s respective ‘Surfer Boy Pizza’ and ‘Scoops Ahoy’. The actors who work at the various places were in character as 80s workers and very entertaining.

A highlight of the experience were the photo ops with a Demogorgon and Joyce Byers’ living room that had not only the alphabet wall but also many details of the era from a boombox, 80s Fisher Price toys and board games that are a nice touch.

Overall, the experience is time well-spent with the immersive portion very entertaining, even for those not familiar with the nuances of the show. It goes without saying that the ‘Mix-Tape’ conveys a very mall-like experience that makes it a great place to just hangout to grab some food, take in the atmosphere as if one was transported back to the 80s.

More info on The Stranger Things Experience can be found here.
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