Indie folk band Florist returned to our headphones on July 29 with their self-titled album. Based in Brooklyn, New York, the band usually approaches the recording process with a collection of songs written by singer Emily Sprague, however, this time was different. They moved into a rented Hudson Valley house together and collaborated during the writing process. The result is an album full of unique songs comprised mostly of natural sounds, such as those coming from the drumset and acoustic guitar. This album is a must-hear for those who appreciate music that paints a picture, giving the listener an experience, which is much more than just the feeling of hearing a song.

Beginning the album is an instrumental track titled ‘June 9th Nightmare.’ The background contains sounds of a night in the outdoors, perhaps transporting the listener to the location of the house in which the band collaborated. The electronic sounds that occur later on draw the ears in without distracting them from the natural ones, while still intriguing the listener.

When listened to all the way through, the mind is put in a meditative state. The smooth sounds of Sprague’s voice combined with the timbres of guitars, saxophones, and soft drums, among others transport the mind into a place outside of the city. Again, perhaps this is the band’s way of painting a picture of the scenery they were surrounded by while writing this album. The selection of instruments compliments the softness of Sprague’s voice, and as a drummer myself, I have a great appreciation for the simple drum parts that are included throughout.

The final track of the album, ‘Johnnie on the Porch’ features a smooth saxophone and a rhythmic electronic sound. The subtlety of this sound accompanying the solo allows the song to have groove and livelihood, without distracting the ears from the main focus. This track wraps the album up beautifully while leaving the ear wanting more as it fades away.

Florist - "Sci-fi Silence" (Official Music Video)