Nashville-based band COIN performed an impressive show at The Anthem in Washington D.C. on Friday. The venue that can hold up to 6,000 people was relatively filled, with a steady stream of people coming in during the opener’s, BLACKSTARKIDS, set. BLACKSTARKIDS set the tone of the night immediately: upbeat, fun, and definitely rock-able. Their opening song “Sounds Like Fun” got the crowd psyched for the rest of the setlist. The Kansas City outfit consisting of Deiondre (guitar), TheBabeGabe (vocals), Tyfaizon (vocals), Jerry (synth), and Jack (drums) performed an unreleased song “New York” and their iconic “Piss Drunk Kids”. 

The crowd went wild before COIN even came on, as stunning flashing lights at the start of their set got everyone amped and ready to sing. As COIN came on-stage and kicked off their show with “Watering A Dead Flower”, band members Chase Lawrence (vocals, synth), Ryan Winnen (drums), and Joe Memmel (guitar) were tight, interacting with the audience through winks and waves. Accompanied by Matt Martin (bass), their second song, “Chapstick”, was an immediate crowd pleaser with fans in the front row jumping along to the beat of the song. 

The best part of COIN’s Uncanny Valley Tour has to be their digital wallpapers. Displayed on the back wall of the venue were lyrics to songs or flashing color schemes that really amplified the set. Things slowed down in the middle when Chase performed “Heart Eyes” and “Let It All Out (10:05)” on his synth keyboard prompting phone flashlights to light up the venue. 

Classics like “Youuu” and “Talk Too Much” made the audience go wild as practically everyone in the room screamed all the lyrics and jumped around to their dynamic songs. It’s commendable how COIN was able to take up the whole stage with their energy, sending it through musical waves to the crowd who reciprocated their love back to them. Chase ran around wildly, joining the crowd for a few moments before running back on stage, and the band as a whole made a memorable night for all who attended.