VIDEO: INTERVIEW – The BLSSM at Outside Lands 2022

THE BLSSM, the genre-blending artist creating new sounds wherever they go, released their sophomore EP ‘PURE ENERGY ‘ under Fueled by Ramen on April 29th to much anticipation. Taking inspiration from icons like Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Radiohead, and Elliot Smith, THE BLSSM, born Lily Lizotte, doesn’t define themselves to just one style of music, and that’s no better seen than in this new EP. “I think the newest EP PURE ENERGY is a continuation of 97 BLOSSOM but it’s a little bit more actualized.” Splitting time between New York City, Los Angeles, and Sydney, Australia, THE BLSSM was around music right from the start as their father Mark Lizotte, who assists on guitar arrangements across the new EP, and their brother, who’s responsible for playing N.E.R.D. around their artist residency, were instrumental— during adolescent years. Immersed into it, in as many ways as possible, from taking up fashion design and crafting visuals to match their soundscape sensibilities, to carving out room for a tribe of like-minded DIY Internet dreamers to find their seat at the table, THE BLSSM found a penchant for creating music at its maximalist form. Upon describing the process, THE BLSSM stated, “maximalism at its core, I hate minimalism! I’m a maximalist.” Currently on tour opening for ROLE MODEL, THE BLSSM’s unique pop-punk/alternative/hip-hop continues to make crowds go wild by opening audiences up to tracks never before heard.

THE BLSSM spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar at Outside Lands about performing at the festival, their early inspirations, the new EP, and more.

THE BLSSM Talks Performing at Outside Lands 2022, Says Latest EP 'Pure Energy' Is More Focused