VIDEO INTERVIEW: Nyxen Says Listening To 80s 90s Mixes As A Youth Influenced Music Career, Debut Album ‘PXNK’

Sydney-based EDM artist Nyxen, born Chelsea Lester, released her debut album PXNK (pronounced punk) on August 19, 2022, under Tank Top Records/BMG. The 11-track collection is synthwave mixed with modern electronic mixed with 80s vibes. The music of Nyxen is a mix of indie, pop, rock and EDM, which has enabled her to gather millions of streams of her songs and the title of one of Australia’s most revered multi-instrumentalists. Greatly inspired by the 80s and 90s songs she heard as a youth, Lester says, “When I was growing up, on the radio, it was called the Saturday Night Party Mix, which was just like 80s kind of party tunes and 90s party tunes, so you get like euro dance from the 90s and then, you know, Human League and stuff like that from the 80s, and I would just like stare out the window looking at all these lights pass by, just listening to these songs. And those songs, like, I still listen to them all the time.” Starting in October, Lester will head out on tour to showcase songs from the debut LP.

Nyxen spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar about how listening 80s 90s mixes on commercial radio as a youth greatly influenced her music career, talks about her early days of playing the guitar, Bon Ever and Ben Harper influences, her debut album ‘PXNK’ and more.