VIDEO INTERVIEW: Boslen Says Skateboarding As A Youth Taught Him To Never Give Up, Talks ‘Gonzo’ EP

Canadian hip-hop artist Boslen released his newest EP GONZO on June 24, 2022, under Chaos Club Digital/Capitol Records. The EP shines a light on the challenges in his personal life and stories of his upbringing.  When talking about his childhood Boslen says, “I think that’s the biggest thing, it’s just telling my truth. Like I would never, you know, go on the mic, especially on GONZO, especially on the music I’m trying to make now, it’s like trying to be timeless. I’m just trying to tell my truth, I never came from like a huge gangster area, I never came from gun violence or anything like that, but I think that type of reality going into music doesn’t take away the reality I had.” GONZO is an electrifying EP filled with unique sounds bringing in powerful lyrics on social commentary and sick striped-back bars that make every listen worth it.  In 2019 Boslen released “Eye for an Eye” and “Hidden Nights”, songs which garnered millions of streams and helped kickstart his career as an artist. Influenced by his upbringing in Vancouver, the 23-year-old musician writes and sings experimental tracks where he mixes rock, pop, punk, and hip-hop into music that inspires the greatest of ideas. 

Boslen spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar about his upbringing in suburban Vancouver, the life lessons he learned from skateboarding as a kid, his EP ‘Gonzo’ and more.