Fresh off of the release of her second studio album, ‘Nicole’, singer/songwriter Niki performed the second of two sold-out shows on September 15th in San Francisco, CA. The dynamic artist kicked off the set with “Keeping Tabs” from the new album that had the crowd singing along, which was especially loud during the songs that followed, “Selene” and “lowkey”. Animated and interactive, Niki, born Nicole Zefanya had the crowd engaged throughout the entire set through her anecdotes as well as her songs. The entire audience was captivated and whisper-singing along as she performed an acoustic version “I Like U” and into “La La Lost You”. Of course, her well-known songs “High School in Jakarta” and “Every Summertime” was particularly engaging as her most high-profile songs were performed last. The performance confirmed without a doubt that Niki continues to grow as an artist and whose fanbase continues to grow exponentially.