VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Big Wild at Austin City Limits 2022

Just last month, Big Wild released his sophomore album, ‘The Efferusphere’, which marks an evolution for the producer/songwriter who was primarily known for the lush atmospheric sonics and percussion instrumentation. While he’s performed with a full band since his debut LP, ‘Superdream’, Big Wild, aka Jackson Stell had only dabbled in singing on some tracks. Now on ‘The Efferusphere’, Stell is front and center with the songs that were three years in the making, featuring his vocals. Working with a vocal teacher extensively to the point where he felt confident to step into the forefront and sing, Stell continues to hone his singing with the same teacher stating, “it just really helps kind of keep my voice grounded and now I listen to music totally differently. I listen to how’s the singer singing this word, how do they have this confidence what do they do here and I try to apply that stuff to my my own music.” The 14-track project also showcases new soundscapes that include alternative, indie, dance and even psychedelic rock influences. Stell noted that the album concept is based on a parallel dimension he discovered during his two-year seclusion, where one can physically see and feel the saturation of tension, joy, guilt, and happiness. Lyrically, he spent time to explore inwards with less judgment and more forgiveness, noting that “tt was scary to look at myself in an honest way when writing this album. Some songs came easy, the fun or sexy ones. I’ve always felt comfortable expressing joy. But other songs left me feeling naked and ugly. A few lines still sink an uncomfortable pit in my stomach. But I listen back and think ‘that’s me, that’s genuine.’ Ironically, exploring an imagined place like The Efferusphere helped me create something more real. It’s liberating to share these songs with you and to have this album out in the world.”

Big Wild spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar about performing at Austin City Limits 2022, his new album ‘The Efferusphere’ and more.

Big Wild at Austin City Limits 2022

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