VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Maude Latour at Austin City Limits 2022

Maude Latour has had a lot of momentum in her music career since graduating from Columbia University this past spring. The 23-year-old singer/songwriter performed her very first Lollapalooza and caught the attention of many not only at the festival but also for a photograph that captured a moment during her set, which made the front page of The Chicago Tribune. Latour has been recently on her first US headline tour, while her remake of “Kids In America” was released as part of the Netflix original film, Do Revenge, starring Camila Mendes, Maya Hawke and Sophie Turner amongst others. All the activity coincides with the release of her highly-anticipated EP, ‘001’ that was released in September. Of the new music, Latour stated, “I went to Berlin with my friends and we went to a techno club. The music was so different and I was so inspired by it.” The inspiration came at a time where Latour was experiencing writer’s block and noted she wanted to break some habits and patterns during her writing process. Now inspired and influenced by her time in Germany, Latour shared, “it’s definitely inspiring me of the new directions for the music I can make and I feel I’m writing a lot. I’m just gonna keep like exploring no rules no genres and just see what happens.”

Maude Latour spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar about performing at Austin City Limits 2022, celebrating her 23rd birthday at the festival, her newest EP ‘001’ and more.

Maude Latour - 001 (Official Lyric Video)