PHOTO REVIEW: Odesza – Mountain View, CA 11/05/2022

There was much anticipation for not only the latest album from ODESZA, ‘The Last Goodbye’ that dropped in July, but also their tour to showcase the new material live across 25 cities in the United States and Canada. The album is the duo’s fourth studio album and is the follow-up to ‘A Moment Apart’ which was released in 2017. The last show of the run was supposed to have taken place on September 30th in Mountain View, CA, however, due to significant damage to their stage equipment, the show was postponed to this past Saturday night. Eager fans from all over the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond who had waited for their performance were overwhelmingly satisfied and in high spirits from the show. ODESZA wasted no time with rolling out the theatrics as the duo emerged on stage to “This Version of You” to huge cheers from the audience and into “Behind The Sun”. As the song played, the drumline that has accompanied the duo in the past took to the stage to provide the heavy percussion as the pyro kicked in, making it an exciting start to the show. Familiar tracks like “Love Letter” and “Say My Name” put the crowd on another level as dancing, fist-pumping were seen throughout the sold-out venue. Charlie Houston came out for her feature on “Wide Awake” as well as “Higher Ground”. The new songs from ‘The Last Goodbye’ like “All My Life” and “Forgive Me” fit right in with their established catalog like “Sun Models” and “Bloom” that were exciting to see live. Clayton Knight of the duo took to the mic a few times to thank the audience for coming out, acknowledging the rescheduled event and spoke of how grateful he and musical partner Harrison Mills were to be performing in the Bay Area. With the full stage production showcasing interesting visuals, pyrotechnics and their talented drumline, ODESZA put on a show for the ages that make many a fan eager to see how they take it to another level for the next go-around.

The three openers were impressive with the excitement building as each performed. Starting off the night, NASAYA had the grooves that were accompanied by his intricate guitar playing. A graduate of Berklee College Of Music, the French producer and musician had people starting to dance as they took to their seats. Chicago-based duo Drama followed and lead singer Via Rosa had the crowd hyped up as she danced and singing songs like “Hold On” and “Dark Rain”. On the flipside, Tycho was all about the music and performed a condensed set filled with many fan favorites ranging from “Awake” and “A Walk” to “Dive” and “Division”.