PHOTO REVIEW: beabadoobee – San Francisco, CA 11/16/2022

beabadoobee has been on tour for much of the year, having performed at numerous festivals, as well as opening for Halsey while releasing her sophomore album ‘Beatopia‘ over the summer in July. She kicked off her US headlining run last month and has been on the road while it was recently announced that she’d be one of the openers for Taylor Swift during her “Eras Tour” next year.  Within the last couple of days, beabadoobee noted on social media how touring all year had taken its toll on her health, and was not feeling well to the point of canceling her November 14th show in Santa Ana. The time for rest and recovery was a help for the British singer/songwriter, born Beatrice Laus, as she played the first of two sold out shows Tuesday night at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA, a venue where she last performed opening for Clairo in October 2019. Emerging to loud cheers and applause, beabadoobee took a moment to acknowledge the fans and smiled before kicking off the show with “10:36” from the new album. Many fans were singing and screaming along to the chorus of the follow-up, “Apple Cider” and the singing and cheering got louder when “Care” kicked into gear. San guitar for “Fairy Song”, beabadoobee was more animated on-stage, moving side to side and took a moment to acknowledge some of the fans in the front row.

The new material translated well live and fit right in with songs from her debut like “Together” and “Charlie Brown” that drew large cheers and many cellphones were seen recording the performances while fans sang along. Fan favorites “She Plays Bass and “Back to Mars” were great to see performed live, even though she was clearly under the weather, being careful not to overextend her voice too loudly. Performing acoustically for the encore, beabadoobee took a minute to thank the fans for their support as she stated that it gave her a sense of happiness to see them even though she was fighting being ill. The crowd cheers were loud in response as she then introduced arguably her most popular song, “Coffee”. Ending with “Cologne”, a song from last year’s EP ‘Our Extended Play’, beabdoobee gave a perfect ending to a night where the crowd worked hard to give her the necessary “good vibes” on the path to recovery.