VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Bleach Lab Say New EP Reflects Their Journey Of Finding Sense Of Home In People And Places

Rising London four-piece Bleach Lab released their new EP ‘If You Only Feel It Once’ in November to much anticipation. The band released two EPs in 2021 that quickly established them as one of the more exciting new artists to emerge. Captivating fans with their cinematic soundscapes that are reminiscent of the 90s Mazzy Star era, Bleach Lab is comprised of Jenna Kyle (lead singer), Josh Longman (bassist), Frank Wates (guitarist) and Kieran Weston (drummer). The new EP is rooted in songs about personal growth, finding inner peace, accepting solitude and heartache, as well as letting go of connections with people that were once considered to be important. Kyle, who wrote the lyrics for the collection shared that the songs revolve around themes of not only nostalgia but also the journey of one’s twenties. “I Could Be Your Safe Place” is one such song as she explained, “it’s about finding that nostalgic feeling of home and safety in other people and places. A lot of the songs I wrote on the EP in particular was surrounding that feeling of trying to find a home, not a physical house, but literally that feeling. I reach back a lot to my childhood which was a really positive thing but then coming out of that as an adult and into a new city, meeting new people and not feeling a hundred percent settled anywhere. It’s quite a disjointed feeling.” The band leans into its inspirations of past bands like The Sundays and The Cranberries, as Longman, who focuses on the sonics, shared that although he was born in the 90s and didn’t get to live the lifestyle, he got into the music early on stating, “I think my mom helped me with a lot of that and friends at the time growing up listening to it. Subconsciously, Frank and I started developing this weird noughties sound but with a Mazzy Star-esque sadcore.” The band did a handful of shows in the UK to celebrate the EP release and plans are in the works for shows in the coming year.

Jenna Kyle and Josh Longman of Bleach Lab spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar about the new EP, reflected on the inspiration of the nostalgia of the 90s, navigating their twenties and more.

Bleach Lab - If You Only Feel It Once [Official Video]