UPSAHL released her second EP Sagittarius on December 9, 2022 to much anticipation. The Phoenix, AZ native had been touring for much of this past year but found time to write and create the new music as she was on and off the road.  The new songs touch on her personal relationships as well as mental health, while the sonics draw from various genres but lean into a dance-vibe.  Of the new music, UPSAHL shared that “Antsy” led to its vulnerable subject matter, “I was really calling myself out and being vulnerable in the lyrics.  From a production perspective was when everything started clicking for me,” she stated, “I can make all these ‘bad bitch’ songs all day but I want to say the real *** now.”  Over the years, UPSAHL has collaborated with artists from Dua Lipa to GAYLE, and her debut album Lady Jesus helped establish a strong foundation that’s led to more success. Sagittarius comes after UPSAHL’s debut headlining tour where she played sold-out venues across the United States and even performed concerts around Europe and Australia. Additionally, she’s found her spot of famous festival stages like Lollapalooza and opened for stars like Olivia O’Brien, Fletcher, and more.

UPSAHL spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar about how growing up in the punk music scene influenced her approach to unapologetic songwriting, how making “Antsy” inspired the sonics and vulnerable songwriting aspects on her new EP ‘Sagittarius’, working with Tove Lo on the track “Toast” and more.

UPSAHL Says Making "Antsy" Inspired Vulnerability and Exploration Into Genres on EP 'Sagittarius'

UPSAHL - Into My Body (Official Video)