23-year-old singer-songwriter khai dreams has made a name for themself with chill but eclectic sounds, and hard-hitting lyrics. The non-binary musician grew up in Eugene, Oregon, a largely white town that made the half-Vietnamese khai dreams feel disconnected. Because of this, they spent the majority of their time on the internet, ultimately learning the ukulele from tutorial videos and kickstarting a deep love for music. Since their high school days, khai dreams has amassed more than two million monthly listeners on Spotify, supported bedroom pop star mxmtoon on her tour, and released several hit songs. On January 27, 2023, they released their debut album Absolute Heartbreak that touched on self-identity, relationships, and dark moments. Having left their native town for the sunny skies of Los Angeles, khai dreams reflects on this change by saying, “There’s a lot of nice things about going into a more fast place. Like, there’s so much stuff going on and there’s a lot of things to be inspired over. There’s also a lot of things to be stressed out over.” Regardless, the 10-track collection is filled with khai dreams’ indie style tied together in a beautiful story.

khai dreams spoke with B-Sides TV host Pete Mar on career disappointments, their personal life, and Absolute Heartbreak.