VIDEO INTERVIEW: Dasha Talks About Her Debut and Personal Reflections

California-born singer-songwriter Anna Dasha Novotny, simply referred to as Dasha, has been making music since age 12. However, she has come a long way from creating songs with her older brother; on January 27, 2023, she released her debut album Dirty Blonde, a 17-track collection highlighting the juxtapositions between good and evil, light and dark. Having performed at two album release shows, Dasha describes the feelings associated with unveiling her longest project yet: “I was freaking out a little bit because whenever you put such a big-it’s 17 songs so it’s a very big body of work, that means there’s a lot of minutes to overlook something I didn’t catch or ‘what if this level’s off’ or whatever. And I was genuinely, I wasn’t freaking out, but I was like ‘Oh God’.” However, Dirty Blonde has come out to be widely well-received, with several songs gaining more than 200,000 listens and Dasha asserting her place as a musician worth noting.


Dasha spoke with B-Sides TV host Pete Mar on her debut album and the wide range of her life it represents.