VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Colony House Says Last Few Years Helped To Reflect on Past, Present + Future, Influenced Latest LP

Colony House released their fourth full-length studio album, ‘The Cannonballers’ in February, the band’s newest collection of music since 2020’s ‘Leave What’s Lost Behind’. The album has garnered much interest since their song “You Know It,” went viral on Tik Tok, having amassed 100 million streams across all platforms to date. ‘The Cannonballers’ sees the band conveying their love of their hometown of Franklin, TN and getting into where they come from and how a place, and its memories, have made them. Songs like “Would Ya Could Ya” talks about breaking the mold from everyday life, as lead singer/songwriter Caleb Chapman stated, “it’s too easy getting sucked into the grind of everyday life… the hustle and the hurry we all willingly subject ourselves to. At surface level, it’s a ‘let’s get outta here’ open road, never look back type of cruiser, but beneath the surface, I think it recognizes that we are often the obstacle standing in our own way and that it’s up to us to make the next move.” Consisting of brothers Will and Caleb Chapman, as well as Scott Mills and Parke Cottrell, Colony House are indigenous to the Nashville music scene, having grown up in the area. The album’s opening song “Landlocked Surf Rock,” is an energetic love letter to Tennessee; “Nashville always felt like a small quiet city… in a way, it felt like it was just trying to keep up with the big cities, and I think that’s kind of how our band has felt for all these years,” the band stated. “I wanted to try to encapsulate the emotion that this town is a place that keeps us dreaming,” Caleb shared. “Though it has changed and grown into something totally different than it was growing up—it will always keep us coming back.” Colony House just wrapped up touring in support of the album but will play a handful of dates in the upcoming months including a slot at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, TN.

Caleb Chapman and Parke Cottrell of Colony House spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar about touring again, thoughts on going viral, playing at their hometown festival and more.

Colony House - Cannonballers (Official Video)