23-year-old rapper SXMPRA emerged in 2018 seemingly out of nowhere. However, it didn’t take long before the Australian musician gained widespread success throughout the industry. His song “COWBELL WARRIOR!” has garnered over 70 million listens on Spotify, and in general, he has amassed over four million monthly listeners on the site. On February 3, 2023, with close friend and collaborator Dozy Doe, SYMPRA unveiled his first EP THE EVIL IN WHICH WE THRIVE, an underground rap collection that references nu-metal, intense soundscapes, and hardcore lyricism. When speaking on his main genre of aggression, SXMPRA says, “I think I’ve always been into just fast stuff. I’ve got like ADHD so everything is just fast, fast, fast, fast, fast.” He later comments how he “loves the in-your-face aggression” which has been something he’s incorporated into his songs since childhood. With the success of his EP, SXMPRA is continuing to develop his debut album, ensemble fans are eagerly waiting.


SXMPRA spoke with B-Sides TV host Pete Mar on the inspirations behind his EP.