VIDEO: INTERVIEW – Isabel LaRosa Says Nessa Barrett Befriended Her On TikTok, Invited Her To Tour

Isabel LaRosa just released her highly anticipated new EP, ‘You Fear The God That Loves You’ on March 24, 2023 via Slumbo Labs/RCA Records, while currently on the road supporting Nessa Barrett on her sold-out 2023 Young Forever tour. The new EP is LaRosa’s first new collection of music since her latest single, “i’m yours,” went viral online. The single, which dropped in late October 2022, has amassed well over 150 million streams, 15 million longform video views, and 500 million shortform video views. “The song was inspired by the feeling of having a crush on someone who you’re not dating, but wish you were, and encapsulates the rush of emotions as you get closer to this person physically and emotionally,” says LaRosa of “i’m yours.” Now with the new collection of music, LaRosa expanded on the sonics that she and her brother Thomas LaRosa were working on, adding in lyrics inspired by the feelings of a relationship. LaRosa stated that songs like “butterflies” was such an example, “‘butterflies’ was a hook that we had just written a long time ago and then we we were like it’s just such a waste to not put this out or try it because it’s just a good hook.” She stated, “a lot of it was taking these hooks and then revisiting them and then putting a more recent take like more recent personal experiences around it. I think that was really fun and it allowed us to put together a cohesive body of work um instead of just throwing together random songs. It was like finishing out songs in a way that we wanted an EP to flow. Born in Annapolis, MD, the eighteen-year-old LaRosa was surrounded by music in the family. Her father, a jazz musician, regularly took her to the jazz clubs for open mic nights, where he played the saxophone, her brother played guitar, and she sang alongside them. Inspired by the musical influences around her, she began writing songs with her brother in
elementary school and from there, the creative duo was formed. LaRosa will wrap up her tour with Nessa Barrett and perform a handful of European dates in May before playing Lollapalooza in August.

Isabel LaRosa spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar about touring with Nessa Barrett, how she befriended her on TikTok and ultimately invited Isabel to tour with her. She talks about her new EP, ‘You Fear The God That Loves You’ and more.

Isabel LaRosa - more than friends (Official Video)