On Wednesday April 5th, actor turned singer-songwriter Joshua Bassett held an intimate show of his ‘The Complicated Tour’ at the House of Blues in Dallas, TX. As the third and final Texas show, the Dallas crowd was determined to be Joshua’s favorite and loudest. From their shouting before Joshua even graced the stage to their calls for an encore, it’s safe to say they were. Starting with upbeat tracks ‘Feel Something’, ‘Secret’, and ‘Doppelgänger’, the crowd followed every one of the singer’s moves with an intense energy that cannot be replicated. Following the high, Joshua played ‘LA’ to slow things down before picking up that energy again with ‘Used To It’ and Disney+ classic ‘Finally Free.’ Throughout the entire show, Joshua interacted with fans on the barricade, jumped in the crowd several times, and even ran up to the balcony for an exhilarating performance of ‘Smoke Slow.’ The 22 year old singer certainly mesmerized Dallas with his adorable positivity and effortless ability to entertain.

Alongside his exciting discography, Joshua gave a loving speech about his personal struggles and surgery earlier last year, inducing tears from everyone in the crowd and shouts of ‘We love you!’ and ‘We’re so proud of you!’ After his first time in Dallas, there’s no doubt Joshua went home without knowing how devoted and adoring his fans are. To uplift the emotion of himself and the crowd, Joshua covered Miley Cyrus’ ‘Party In The U.S.A’ which had everyone up on their feet and dancing along to Joshua’s charming antics. Bassett ended the night with a smooth, thrilling performance of ‘SHE SAID HE SAID SHE SAID.’ Despite the sadness echoing through the crowd due to the show ending, everyone cheered along to the rhythmic encore.

Joining the tour at the end of March, 19 year old Jenna Raine came home for a heartfelt homecoming in her hometown of Dallas. Self-written love songs ‘Stupid Cupid’ and ‘see you later (ten years)’ dazzled the crowd. Several longtime fans shouted praises of love and encouragement making the 19 year old singer-songwriter return those praises underneath pink lights. In a few short weeks, Jenna’s first EP Big Dumb Heart, Chapter 1 releases with more delightful lyricism and relatable adolescent experiences.

Second supporting act Lindsey Lomis took the stage by storm the moment she appeared through the blue lights. The Nashville-native performed her EP Daydreaming (2022) and a special preview of her upcoming EP Universe (2023). Lindsey’s natural charm and effortless humor fascinated the audience between pop songs ‘die with my friends’ and ‘bad news good news’. Before performing her last song ‘save your breath’, Lomis taught the crowd the chorus and cheered them on as if they were the opener instead. Lindsey ended her night with a flower from an audience member, laughter, and the crowd wishing for her to return.