VIDEO: INTERVIEW – MYRNE Says David Byrne Was Major Influence In Leveraging Environment To Making Music

Producer/DJ MYRNE just released his new track, “Carousel” via Astralwerks, which is his first new music of the year and features the voice of singer-songwriter Catali to the strains of classic house and futuristic trance. It’s a song that MYRNE built off a vocal idea he received from her a year ago. Catali later reconfigured the blueprint of the song’s tech-house foundation to include a healthy dose of progressive trance – a style of dance music that MYRNE grew up with, but had yet to incorporate into his music and live shows. “I love making sample-based music with repetition,” he explains about Catali’s contributions. “Looping vocals was one way I paid homage to that.” Born Manfred Lim, MYRNE has continued to evolve from his early days in his native Singapore when he first gained recognition in 2015 for his remix of Diplo’s “Be Right There” that gained over 2 million plays on Soundcloud. Noting the various sounds of those early days of electronic music he stated, “I’ve always been phenomenally inspired by that era and have made a lot of good memories in that time, The first video I’ve ever watched on music production – while it was still a hobby – was Avicii in his In The Studio feature.” MYRNE recently performed at a handful of North American dates with Dabin and performing at his largest venues to date as his fanbase continues to grow. Speaking on his maturity and growth as an artist, he shared, “I’m a lot more confident in my abilities now and I feel I shine best in scaled-back, straight-to-the-point club tunes. I’ve always made very melodic, energetic music, and that’s always been a core of what excites me. It was just a matter of shifting tempos.”

MYRNE recently spoke with B-Sides host Pete Mar about how David Byrne was a major Influence when he was a teenager, how growing up in Singapore inspired him to explore the world which greatly informed his approach to music and more.