LIVE REVIEW: JOSEPH & Flyte – Dallas, TX 05/05/2023

On Friday May 5th, JOSEPH’s breathtaking ‘The Sun Tour’ reached the Echo Lounge & Music Hall in Dallas, Texas. The indie sister trio led by Natalie Closner Schepman and her younger twin sisters Allison Closner and Meegan Closner, had just released their fourth studio album, The Sun, the week before. Each sister brought a charming energy to stage, especially with Natalie’s impressive performance on the guitar. When the trio stepped out onto the stage, they immediately noticed the handmade yellow hearts from fans in the barricade. This heartwarming moment immediately set the tone for the rest of the set with jokes and childhood stories told by the sisters.

Beginning with “Love Is Flowing”, their stellar voices enveloped the crowd into an intimate, welcoming 75 minute set. During recent single “Nervous System,” the sisters mesmerized their audience with smooth vocals from Allison accompanied by Megan and Natalie’s delicate harmonies. Following up, the trio breezed through fan favorites from The Sun and their 2019 album Good Luck, Kid. They also included highlights such as ‘White Flag’, ‘SOS (Overboard)’, and ‘Canyon’ from their 2016 album I’m Alone, No You’re Not.

Throughout the night, the sisters expressed the inspiration behind the passion and strength of The Sun. After playing ‘Waves Crash’, Natalie noted “I’m enough because I’m a thing that exists,” which certainly stayed with the crowd long after the show. Towards the end of the set, Allison and Megan covered Rascal Flatt’s ‘Here Comes Goodbye,’ following Natalie’s story on how the twins’ cover inspired her to start the band. The cover and story resulted in cheers and praises from the close-knit crowd.

 As JOSEPH finished their set, Natalie teased they would be right back before they all emerged wearing matching jumpsuits. The encore began with The Sun‘s title track with in-sync dancing from the trio, Natalie’s captivating electric red guitar, and echoes from the audience. They followed up with the undeniable fan favorite, ‘Green Eyes’, from Good Luck, Kid and ‘Fireworks’ from The Sun. JOSEPH’s ‘The Sun Tour’ is a golden display of  strength, passion, and wonder which leaves audiences more enamored with the band than ever before.

On this leg of the tour, JOSEPH was joined by British duo Will Taylor (vocals, guitar) and Nicolas Hill (bass, vocals) more commonly known as Flyte. The duo’s set was acoustic takes of songs off their albums, The Loved Ones (2017) and This Is Really Going To Hurt (2021). Although most of the crowd hadn’t heard of the band before, Will’s soft vocals on ‘Annie and Alistair’ and ‘Losing You’ showed Flyte’s depth and lyrical wisdom. Between songs, Will joked about English traditions, his writing style, and even teased a new album coming at the end of the year. Will and Nick’s relaxing set eased the crowd into the comfort of JOSEPH and ‘The Sun Tour.’